To the Asháninka people Still 1

My film without name but dedicated To The Asháninka People is selected for the ManifestO FilM FestivaL,  25th-28th of May 2018 in Amsterdam,

It will be shown Sunday May 27 10:00 at the Cinema of the Damn’d at 301 Overtoom, as part of the experimental short program



You may want to try some Flesh To Ashes here

Flesh to Ashes

vous pouvez essayer un peu de Chair & Cendres ici

Chair & Cendres


For the Berliners, a performance in two parts at Amarcord international bookshop on the 1st of October 2017 with the great Renard 2000 and Jörg Maria Zeger
We’ll be performing music and watercolours to introduce the new talking book To the Garden .
And it will be very electric with improvisations from the record Flesh to Ashes

Aux Jardins, le nouveau livre-disque, présenté à Berlin le 1er octobre, à la librairie internationale Amarcord, avec Renard 2000 – aquarelles et musiques
et impros tirées du disque Chair & Cendres avec l’électrique Jörg Maria Zeger

De Nature Sensuelle AFFICHE & FLYER




Still To the Asháninka people  TITRE

My poemfilm    To The Asháninka People      to be seen here for one month (until November) on At Vanishing Point, a politicalecology website made of international contributions of all kind and curated by the very, very nice person Jessica Piette

At Vanishing Point




Rendez-vous à Paris le 22 et 23 avril 2017 au Salon du Livre Libertaire pour de nouveaux livres et disques


AVRIL 2017, trois nouveaux livres pour le printemps :

Aux Jardins, un recueil poèmes-aquarelles de nature sensuelle

INéDiTS, les inpubliés de Berlin Sud-Berlin Nord en bilingue et en livre parlant

MENUS tels que communiqués à Gaëlle Kreens par le Club des Espérants





December 2015 :

Launching of the  first  issue   of  the 3D  ÇØÜ  magazine

So soon the boxes will be to be opened, with, amongst others, my poemobject about EPHeMeRaL BeRLiN





. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  P.O.E.M.S.B.E.S.P.O.K.E

. Sunday 25th of October 2015

I will be doing a bit of PoeTRy oN DeMaND this SuNDaY afternoon in BRiSToL, during the TRiNiTy GaRDeN Harvest Party.

People involved in the place, and their friends and babies and animals, will be there, harvesting, cooking, foraging, eating, mandaling, etc. The weather forecast seems ok.

If you want a bespoke improvised poem from me, that’s your chance ! I just got a brand new old typewriter.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . IMG_4591





Until the 7th of October 2015, my untitled but To The Ashaninka dedicated poem-film will be shown in the OVERFLOW exhibition. Eco Feminism, curated by Jessica Piette, and along with 10 other people whose work I liked very much.

in the Centrespace gallery, in Bristol

Overflow posterds

and the film :

Still To the Asháninka people TITRE




A short film of the Prinzessinengärten performance here


   Chers amis, dear friends, Freuden and visitors

I have been invited by Milena Berlin to perform in the beautiful Prinzessinengarten this Saturday 22 of August 2015, in Berlin

I will read and play words and cheap keyboard sounds from South Berlin North Berlin, a possible reading

with a new poem called Hermannplatz       

it will be in English, maybe a hint of French, who knows





.Invitation 12 juin



To the Asháninka people – TRAILER from Gaelle Kreens on Vimeo.



Still To the Asháninka people TITRE

et voilà : my new film will be ungefähr 1 minute 45 secondes
it doesn’t have a title and the subtitles are in an unknown sign language
ah and they are no actors either
the scenario goes like “clouds clouds gem feathers cloud – fade out”

more soon



Oh no traum17 dreamed again !


The magic carpet goes like this : 


TRAUM17                                         MAGMANIMALS


HEADline bandcamp.


I will be very happy to perform in a more political context “Übersetzung critique, repetitions & other Fehler”, a short suite of poetic performances for lights and voice
as part of the party time/after of the conference KRITISCHE THEORIE, Eine Erinnerung an die Zukunft in Humboldt-Universität
at 20h30 in our beliebt Kneippe LAIDAK, Boddinplatz, Neuköln, Berlin
Program of the conference here
and I will be back again, same place, same hour, SUNDAY 18 AUGUST
I will be back nächste Flohmarkt in wonderful Prinzessinengarten gardens SUNDAY 4te AUGUST.
Look for the POETic sign and the books,  you’ll find me
The new sections MEMORY TRANSFER  et HOROSCOPES AUTOMATIQUES are now open to the public, ici même !
Thursday the 25th and Friday the 26th of July LANGUAGE IS AN INVISIBLE LANDSCAPE’s exhibition in Altes Finanzamt, Berlin, will be open from thursday and from 8p.m. to 11p.m. Free entry. Images of the original photos used for my poem-film Aube Alba Tageslied can be seen amongst all the other elements of the installation. Check the AUBE menu for more informations. 
Sunday 21st July, I will bring the Poetry On Demand and other Automatic Poetic Translation Services again at the Prinzessinengarten Flohmarkt, in Moritzplatz, Berlin. I will have copies of South Berlin North Berlin and books from fellow alternative publishers from France too. Come and look for the POETic sign
The exhibition LANGUAGE IS AN INVISIBLE LANDSCAPE is to be seen in Altes Finanzamt until the 31st of July, when Altes is hosting an event
Thursday, then 18th of july, in Altes Finanzamt Flyer_language_Page_5
“Spiel im Morgengrauen”, is a book by Arthur Schnitzler that tells the story of a gambler.
With this book, began our reflection about a “Morgengrauen”, a grey morning, placed side by side with mist and desire for the return of a portuguese king, with the icelandic bloody morning.
In other words, the focus of our thoughts was to confront the concept of “Dawn” with its own meaning in different Languages.  Addressing it through various perspectives, from the most sociological, cultural and historical dimension of language, until the emotional one.
The book collects a variety of thoughts, translated over different medias, an imaginarium that doesn’t aim to be more than this.
A collective reflection with no borders, methodologies or systems, made by:
Yasmim Assade, Freja Bäckman, Jóhannes Benediktsson, Emilie Bernard, Hyeisoo Kim, Gaelle Kreens, Catarina Laranjeiro, Marta Leite, Barbara Marcel, Dídio Pestana, Eirik Sordal, Benedikt Terwiel, Marco Ugolini, Francisca Villela, Mário Gomes & Elisa Balmaceda, Mariana Caló & Francisco Queimadela and with an Interview with Gudbergur Bergsson.
Opening and book release
18th July 8pm
Readings, performance,
video screening and DJ Panchi.
Exhibition 19th – 31st of July
Altes Finanzamt
Schönstedtstr. 7, HH
12043 Berlin
 U7 Rathaus Neukölln


Every 2d and 4th Sunday of the month, all summer, my typewriter and me will be at the magical Prinzessinengarten Flohmarkt, Berlin Kreuzberg, with some books of mine and of publishers’ friends, and with the POESIE ON DEMAND service.

Next time, July 7th, I will bring an extra-teeny keyboard, so I can make DeclamatedDeliveries.


.                                                                                                                                                                                                              *


.                      Juillet 2013 :





PRIMA !   (go to “Poesie On Demand” Menu on this blog for more)



Samstag 15 März, zu Hause

Eine Einladung für jemand dass Interesse in denken über/drinnen RHyTHMuS/Unbewusste/…/´´´´/ etc mit uns hat

Mehr hier   


Previously, Masaaki Sato hat  IMG_2272




Jetzt habe ich über das gedacht/gefühlt




The poet Nikola Richter invited me to read a bit of Berlin Sud South North Berlin Nord in French and in English, on her poetry book issue party, Poesía del Parque, a collection of poems in espanol falso published by Milena Berlin. She will read in Spanish and German.

I guess I will bring my teeny-weeny-keyboard this time. But there is also an out of tune real piano that I might not resist to try.

La poètesse Nikola Richter m’a invité à lire un peu de Berlin Sud South North Berlin Nord, en français et en anglais, à l’occasion de la présentation de son livre Poesía del Parque, un recueil de poèmes en espanol falso, publié par Milena Berlin. Elle lira en espagnol et en allemand.

Je crois que je vais venir avec mon miniminiclavier. Mais il y a aussi là-bas un piano désaccordé que je ne résisterai pas d’essayer.


and more about Nikola Richter here

Filipe Dias De, collegueanonympublisher and one of the many bodies of Altes Finanzamt, will also read some of his poems, in Portugese and in English

Filipe Dias De, collègueéditeuranonyme et un des nombreux corps du Altes Finanzamt, lira aussi de ses poèmes en portugais et en anglais

And all this is happening in the amazing treasure hat atelier from Mimosa Pale, in Weserstraße

Et tout ça dans l’adorable caverne à trésors et atelier de la chapelière Mimosa Pale

Sunday 10th of March at 17.30 Uhr

HIMO, Atelier von Mimosa Pale  . There will be a bar and possibility to eat little things too !

Weserstr. 53




My first poem-film in Reykjavik, in the kind hands of the artist Marta Leite who asked artists to reflect with her on the notion of Dawn Morgengrau Alba Aube…

More info in the section dedicated to it 




Farewell to my light-pedal #1 : she has done a good job but it is time to build something more praktish. Renard2000 is on the job.


A solo version of South Berlin – North Berlin : a possible reading at the English Theatre Berlin, on the 27th of February. There will be two other performances that evening, part of the festival the theatre is holding that month. Whole program here

The evening starts at 20h, I will be the last of the three pieces and will start at 21h40

Poster Xpat Xpo


Une petite image de la belle soirée (mais ici la préparation, avant que mes lumières ne frappent) à St Jean du Gard, à la bibliothèque du 152, un lieu où le voyageur ferait bien de s’arrêter

IMG_2018 2


Lecture acoustique avec minimini clavier et jeu de lumières vernaculaires à St Jean du Gard le samedi 16 février

Berlinaffiche St Jean du Gard

Cette soirée à la bibliothèque Infokiosque s’annonce particulièrement sympathique

Infos et programme



To come :

some South Berlin-Berlin Nord : une possible reading performances to be announced soon, in February, in France and in Berlin

and Traum17 is working in the dark to dream a new album…

Les éditions ß Verlag Publishing seront présentes le Mercredi WednesdayMittwoch 19 Décembre 2012  à la 4ème édition de la Portable Book Fair, à Berlin, salon des livres auto et alternativement publiés et fabriqués.

Bring your own self made books and things, from 20h on in Altes Finanzamt !


I will do a reading of some texts from South Berlin – North Berlin

and will also bring ß record-books and someTraum17 and – Felino, svegliati ! records,

as well as books and revues from fellow alternative publishers Ab Irato andL’insomniaque and from friend and partner in crime artist Marta Leite

More plus d’Informations



Saturday 1st of September, we should play with an interesting combination of light, voice and space for an ever new version of both Memory Transfer and Mistake performances, in the Psychoanalytische Bibliothek Berlin for its End of the Summer party. I am sure Lacan will not be unhappy to hear the “Jacques…” call of my ghostly mantra in this venue.

Le samedi 1er septembre, nous devrions profiter d’une intéressante combinaison de lumière, de voix et d’espace, pour une version toujours renouvelée des deux performances Memory Transfer et Mistake, à la Bibliothèque Psychanalytique de Berlin  à l’occasion de sa fête de fin d’été. Je suis sûre que Lacan ne sera pas fâché d’entendre l’appel de mon mantra spectral, “Jacques…”, en ce lieu.

.                                                                                                                                                  *

Me who was desperate for a job, I have been luckily hired during the 48 Stunden Neukölln for a short term contract as poetic Funktionär for the POESIEBÜRO administration. For those who want a poem, an official order must be filled, specifying what form, what about and in what mood should be the poésie delivered. The form is then given to one of the poeticemployees, who must in 15 minutes find something to do with the typewriter and its carbon paper. A copy is kept for the administration’s archives. Of course, there is no protection from all the classical administrative failures, such as lateness, bad mood or incompetence.

Under the Kontrol of Filament Stanza, the office will be opened in Altes Finanzamt, Schönstedtstraße 7, Neukölln, Berlin, as followed :

Friday, June 15th: 19 – 23:33

Saturday, June 16th: 12:29 – 16 & 18 – 23:33

Sunday, June 17th : 12:29 – 15:20 & 16:38 – 18:59

I should be behind my typewriter on the late Friday and Sunday shifts. Do not forget that “Speisekarte” is my specialty.

Et pendant ce temps, mes éditions ß seront sur les tables d’Ab Irato et de l’Oeil D’Or, stand 104  du Marché de la Poésie, du 14 au 17 juin, Place St-Sulpice, à Paris


.                                                                                                                                               *

On Saturday June 23, between 20h and 22h, I am invited along with other poets to perform two pieces in Berlin’s former Flughafen Tempelhof in the Raumexperimente Pavillion of  ”The World is not Fair – The great World’s Fair 2012″, organised by Hebbel am Ufer and raumlaborberlin.

“Institut für Raumexperimente takes part in The World Is Not Fair – Die Grosse Weltausstellung 2012 May 31 till June 24, 2012 Always Thursday/Friday 16.00 – 22.00, Saturday/Sunday 14.00 – 22.00 …

Saturday, June 23 : Unfair Poetry and Other Unfair Things 14.00 – 17.00 Unfair Translation Experiments : Yves Mettler from The Selection; Sharmila Cohen, from Telephone Journal; Luis Berrios-Negron, Jan Bovelet, Patrick Kochlik, Jens Wunderling , Miodrag Kuc from Anxious Prop 17.00 – 18.00 Unfair Sounds : “How to speak the language of a dead species”, performance / workshop by Leon Eixenberger 18.00 – 19.45 Unfair Roundtable Discussion : making questions and translating ideas into things, with Barbara Buchmaier, Carson Chan, Sandra Huber, John Holten, Camilla Kragelund, Caleb Waldorf 20.00 – 22.00 Unfair Poetry & Other Art Things: readings and performances by Shane Anderson, Sharmila Cohen, Eric Ellingsen, Christian Hawkey, Martina Hefter, Karl Holmqvist, Gaëlle Kreens, Kirsten Palz, Andreas Töpfer, Uljana Wolf

Programm   :  invitation to………………………………………. the world is not fair ………………………………………. UNFAIR POETRY and other things

Plan etc

.                                                                                                                         *

Le 30 juin, je suis invitée à participer, avec une performance, au colloque RHYTHMUS  organisé et présenté par Masaaki Sato et Susanne Gottlob à la Bibliothèque de Psychanalyse, à Berlin. Programme de la PSYBI
On the 30th of June, I am invited to take part, with a performance, in the RHYTHMUS symposium organised and presented by Masaaki Sato and Susanne Gottlob at the Psychoanalytic Library, in Berlin. Programme of the PSYBI here

Le 12 juillet 2012, sortie du projet de bd collective FROM A MISSING DOLL, publié par les ANONYMOUS AUTHORS EDITIONS, au Altes Finanzamt, Berlin

Launching of the collective comic book FROM A MISSING DOLL, published by ANONYMOUS AUTHORS EDITIONS, Altes Finanzamt, Berlin, on the 12th of July 2012.           

Marta Leite and I have a particular interest in the mysterious TORN LETTER. Who knows why…

Marta Leite et moi sommes particulièrement intéressées par la mystérieuse LETTRE DÉCHIRÉE. On se demande pourquoi…