– Felino, svegliati !

– Felino, svegliati ! is the name of the delicate musical project that Renard2000 and me are pursuing, maybe like a dream. We improvise with images, movements, lights in mind ; our records are crafted blending content and form in what is for us a poetical whole. In English, its name would be – Cat, wake-up !, but cat meaning here a tiger more than a Siamese. In French it would be – Félin, réveille-toi ! But the name came to us with its perfect Italian form… and mysterious content.

Image above : “Falaise”, left side of the triptych L’Île.

Playing : THANATOS [AaaOooUuu]

TO LISTEN TO – Felino, svegliati ! http://felinosvegliati.bandcamp.com/

To know more http://felinosvegliati.wordpress.com/