SouTh BeRLiN SuD in HiMo


Sonntag, 10. März, 17.30 Uhr saw the very very VERY nice late afternoon reading and party in HIMO hat shop of Mimosa Pale.

The occasion to party was to celebrate the issue of the poet Nikola Richter’s book Poesía del Parque, written in espanol falso, and beautifully published by the collective MiLeNa BeRLiN, run by Katja von Helldorff and Cristian Forte



Invited by Nikola Richter, along with Felipe Dias De, to read with her in the amazing workshop and shop of Mimosa, I proposed an acoustic and double language version of four texts. Jumping from minikeyboard vibrations for The Ghost to a real piano version of L’Interprétation of Dreams, to a transe Amputee of Line #8, and finishing on a tiny platform for a dark-medieval styled declamatory of the late unpublished Hermannplatz.


I had the greatest fun, and was proud to seem to fairly catch Nikola’s daughter attention. The following spontaneous party, with gorgeous cocktails at the bar and amazing Singende Säge playing session by Mimosa, was really nice.

IMG_0622 IMG_0616


Here is even a tiny flash video of the Hermannplatz piece with the lyre-like-weenie-keyboard 



Sincere Thank yous to Nikola and Cristian and Katja and Mimosa

Photos by Anna-Sofia Sysser