Editions ß Verlag Publishing in Portable Book Fair #4

Les éditions ß Verlag Publishing seront présentes le Mercredi WednesdayMittwoch 19 Décembre 2012  à la 4ème édition de la Portable Book Fair, à Berlin, salon des livres auto et alternativement publiés et fabriqués.

Bring your own self made books and things, from 20h on in Altes Finanzamt !


I will do a reading of some texts from South Berlin – North Berlin

and will also bring ß record-books and some Traum17 and – Felino, svegliati ! records,

as well as books and revues from fellow alternative publishers Ab Irato and L’insomniaque and from friend and partner in crime artist Marta Leite

More plus d’Informations http://kombinatliteraturberlin.com/portable-book-fair-berlin-04/