SouTH-BeRLiN-Father Noise

A Noise evening in a local bar. People coming out. People coming in.

Some friends bang on a really out of tune piano.

A man in his sixties, black, typical jazz musician look, opens the black curtains and walks straight to me :

[Repeatedly] “You’re so beautiful. You’re so intelligent. I love you. I’m your father. [To all those entering or talking to me] She’s my daughter. She knows what she wants. [Kissing my hand, kissing my forehead] I really dig you. I’m sticking with you.”

Without knowing the strange

.                                                            meaning

.                                                                               this is having for me

but it is always like this

.                                                  here

the head-on meaning that has

.                                                                in this city

.                                                                                        the chaos of life.







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